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 cc1408 – Sh’mos – How Does One Pronounce and Write the Name of Yissocher?

cc11409 – Va’eyra – The Measles  Vaccination Controversy

 cc1410 – Bo – Saying U’LeChaporas Pesha in Musaf Rosh Chodesh in a Leap Year

 cc11411 – B’shalach – Hiring a Snowplow to Remove Your Snow Even on Shabbos?

cc1412 – Yisro – Must One Keep Their Father’s Minhag or What Bracha Do You Make on Potatoes?

cc1413 – Mishpatim – Reinstituting the Sanhedrin in Our Day and Age?

cc1414 – T’rumah – Shul Issues: Shortcuts, Davening Towards Mizrach and More

cc1415 – Titzaveh – The Shul That Wanted to Ban Making Noise When Haman’s Name is Mentioned

cc1416 – Vayakheil/Pikudei – Does the Prohibition of Not Taking Medicine on Shabbos Still Apply In Our Day and Age?

cc1417 – Special Interest – Gems From the Classic Commentary of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch on the Torah


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