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 cc1396 – Bereishis –  Is a Person with a Hereditary Genetic Disease Obligated to Have Children?

cc1397 – Noach – Must One Eat Meat on Shabbos?

 cc1398 – Lech Lecha – Meshaneh Makom Meshaneh Mazel-  Changing Your Mazel

 cc1399 – Vayeira – Speaking Lashon Horah for the Sake of Shalom – Can It Be Mutar?

cc1400 – Chayei Sarah – Shaddchanus – Who Gets Paid – The Person With the Idea or the Person Who Made it Happen – Thoughts on the Massacre in Pittsburgh

cc1401 – Toldos – Keeping Your Website Open for Business on Shabbos – Is There a Problem?

cc1402 – Vayeitzei – Must One Wait for the Rabbi to Begin Chazoras HaShatz?

cc1403 – Vayishlach – Can You Disguise Yourself to Hide Your Jewishness?

cc1404 – Vayeishev – Is Grape Juice As Good As Wine for Kiddush and Other Halachas

cc1405 – Mikeitz – Can You Light Chanukah Candles in Your Car and Other Chanukah Issues

cc1406 – Vayigash – Being an Araiv – Guarantor – Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

cc1407 – Vayechi – Asking Mechila from an Offeneded Friend – Personally or Through an Intermediary?


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