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COMMUTER’S CHAVRUSAH – DEVORIM 34(begins with Parshas Shoftim)

 cc1478  – Shoftim – Can Women Be Told Not To Come to Shul In Order to Make More Space for Men During Corona?

cc1479 – Ki Seitzei – The Famous/Infamous Case of the Get of Cleeves

 cc1480 – Ki Savo – Someone Dropped the Sefer Torah in Shul – Does Everyone Have to Fast?

cc1481 – Nitzavim/Vayeilech – Selichos: Can It Be Said Without a Minyan? Sitting Down?

cc1482 – Rosh Hashana – I Can’t Stand for the Whole Chazoras HaShatz of Mussaf – What Should I Do?

cc1483 – Teshuva – Teshuva in This Unimaginable Year


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