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 cc1382 – Bamidbar – The Halachic Issues with Milchig Bread

cc1383 – Nasos – Birchas Kohanim – Whose Mitzva Is It?

 cc1384 – Beha’aloscha – Can You Be Mechallel Shabbos To Send a Kevital to a Rebbe?

 cc1385 – Sh’lach – Techeiles Today – Why Not?

cc1386 – Korach – The Importance and Power of Saying Parshas Ketores

cc1387 – Chukas – May a Kohanin Attend the Funeral of the Gadol HaDor?

cc1388 – Can You Carry a Gun While in Shul?

cc1389 – Pinchas – The Case of the Rabbi Who Said I want My Son To Assume My Position When I Retire – Can He Demand That?


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