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 cc1364 – Sh’mos – The Halachic Issues Concerning Hearing Aids

cc1365 – Va’eyra – Giving the Benefit of the Doubt – Does It Apply to Everyone?

 cc1366 – Bo – I Don’t Open Bottle Caps on Shabbos, You Do – Can I Ask You To Open My Bottle?

 cc1367 – B’Shalach – An Interesting Asher Yatzar Shaila

cc1368 – Yisro – Davening for Personal Needs on Shabbos?

cc1369 – Mishpatim – Lending Money Without Receiving an IOU Slip – Is It Mutar?

cc1370-T’rumah – They Want To Build A New Shul? N.I.M.B.Y (Not In My Backyard)

cc1371 – Ki Sisa – The Hatzala Member Who is Not On Call On Shabbos: Can He Go On the Call Anyway?

cc1372 – Purim – A Purim Potpouri(Poupouri- A Mixture of Things)

cc1373 – Special Interest – Purim II – A Message of Hope to Infertile Couples and All Thoses Who Seek Yeshuos



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