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 cc1452 -Sh’mos –  Ours is Not to Question Why, Ours is Just to Do and Die – Do We Always say That?

cc1453 – Va’eyra – Do you Make a Bracha Achrona After Your Daily Starbucks?

 cc1454 – Bo – Why Don’t We Wear Tefilin at Mincha?

 cc1455 – B’shalach – Should You Correct the Baal Koreh If He Makes A Mistake?

cc1456 – Yisro – I Haven’t Accepted Shabbos Yet – You Have- Can I Make Kiddush for You?

cc1457 – Mishpatim – Milchig Bread and the Bimbo Bakery Controversy

cc1458 – T’rumah – Can a Man Daven in the Ezras Noshim Rather Than in the Main Shul?

cc1459 – Titzaveh – Can A Woman Do Melacha After She Lights the Shabbos Candles?

cc1460- Ki Sisa – Is It Six Hours Since I Ate Fleishgs? Can I Be Maikil and Eat Michigs Anyways?

cc1461 – Vayakheil/Pikudei – What Do the Urim VeTumim and Scrabble Have to Do With Each Other?



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