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 cc1374 -Vayikra – Pesach Shailos You May Never Even Have Thought About

cc1375 – Pesach – Thoughts on the Hagadah Vol 6

 cc1376 – Sh’mini – Talking While Washing Your Hands for Netilas Yodayim – Is There a Problem?

 cc1377 – Tazria/Metzorah – An IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Baby, Can You Do His Milah on Shabbos?

cc1378 – Acharei Mos – Standing Up for One’s Parents – Why Don’t Most People Practice This Mitzvah?

cc1379- Emor – Can a Kohain Accompany His Wife to the Hospital to Have Her Baby?

cc1380 – Behar/Bechukosai – Can One Be Obligated to Bentch Even If He Didn’t Eat?

cc1381 – Special Interest – Hakoras Hatov Is a Two Way Street



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