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 cc1528 – Bereishis -The Magnificent Bracha of Asher Yotzar

cc1529 – Noach – Teaching torah to a Potential Convert – Is There a Problem?

 cc1530 – Lech Lecha – Receiving Gifts: A Good or Bad Idea?

cc1531 – Vayeira – Can You Fulfill Bikur Cholim by Telephone?

cc1532 – Chayei Sarah – Looking Into A Shidduch – How Important Is Family?

cc1533 – Toldos – Geneivas Daas: How Could Yaakov Deceive His Father Yitzchok?

cc1534 – Vayeitzei – The Chasunah Musician Who Could Never Daven Maariv Bezibur

cc-1535 – Vayishlach – Matzeivah Shailos – One Matzeivah for Two People? English Dates on the Matzeivah?

cc-1536 – Vayeishev – Using Jelled Olive Oil for Chanukah – Not As Simple As You Think

cc-1537 – Mikeitz – The Annual Issues with Lighting Chanukah Neiros on Erev Shabbos Chanukah

cc-1538 – Vayigash – K’rias Shema: What Should or Should You Not Be Thinking?

cc-1539 – Vayechi – Should An Avail Move His Seat in Shul – Even On Shabbos?


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