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 cc1484 – Bereishis – The Bracha of Borei MeOrei HaAish

cc1485 – Noach – I Just Saw a Rainbow – Should I Tell My Neighbor?

 cc1486 – Lech Lecha – Quantity Vs Quality – What Wins?

cc1487 – Vayeira – Are You Acting Like a Person Who Lived in Sodom?

cc1488 – Chayei Sarah – Visiting a Sick Person Who Has Corona or Other Contagious Diseases

cc1489 – Toldos – Why Don’t Many Yeshivos Do Chazoras HaShatz for Mincha?

cc1490 – Vayeitzei – Can I Switch in the Middle of Sh’monei Esrai from Mincha to Maariv?

cc1491 – Vayishlach – Learning T’nach at Night?

cc1492 – Vayeishev – Chanukah – Zerizus Vs Hidur: What Is  More Important, Doing Mitzvos Promptly or Beautifully?

cc1493 – Mikeitz – Should You Worry If You Have a Bad Dream?

cc1494 – Vayigash – Should You Or Should You Not Take the Corona Vaccine?

cc1495 – Vayechi – Are You Ever Allowed to Argue With Your Father?


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