Theme Sets


If you’re looking for comprehensive insights into the most topical, sensitive and complex issues facing Jews in today’s society, Theme Sets can help. Each multiple-tape set deals with a different facet of related topics, drawn from appropriate areas of the Commuter’s Chavrusah and Hashkafa Series. Tackling such subjects as Medical Issues, Shidduchim and Marriage, End of Life Issues and Parents and In-Laws, Rabbi Frand frankly presents the Torah viewpoint in a lucid, detailed manner.

Teshuva Theme Sets

Teshuva 5774
cc1132 – Rekindling The Spirit
cc1132A – You Are Not Alone

Teshuva 5773
cc1089 – Conflict Resolution Within Our Community and Within Ourselves
cc1089A – Narcissim – Nowadays It’s All About Me!

Teshuva 5772 – Reaching Beyond
cc1045 – Reaching Up by Reaching Out
cc1045A – Jewish Continuity is Eveyone’s Responsibility

Teshuva 5771
1002 – Teshuva – Shabbos – The Key To A Lasting Teshuva
1002A – Kiddush Hashem – The Mission Statement of K’lal Yisroel

Teshuva and Emunah in Troubled Times
958 – Teshuva – Getting Our Priorities Straight
958A – The Economic Crisis – How Do We Respond?

Yomim Noraim – Are You Ready
914 – U’Teshuva U’tefilah
915 – Midas Ha’tzniu -Not Just For Women

Teshuva and Tikun Hamidos Vol. II
783 – Midas HaGevurah: The Hidden Strength We All Possess
783A – Ono’aas Devorim-Words That Hurt, Words That Heal

Teshuva and Tikun Hamidos Vol. I
739 – The Neshama: Your Most Important Asset
739A  – Raising Our Children (and Ourselves) to be Mentschen

Time For Teshuva Vol. II
695 – We Dare Not Despair
695A  – Everyone Has An Agenda

Time For Teshuva Vol. I
563 -Your Lasting Legacy
651 – Its A Matter of the Heart

Teshuva: Restoring Our Value System
827  -It’s Not My Fault
827A -….and the Pursuit of Happiness

Teshuva: Restoring Our Value System II
871-Sefer Yonah – Painting Your Masterpiece
871A – Ahavas Yisroel – Do You Really Love Your Neighbor?


All-Time Favorites Vol I (Complete Set: $50, Any Individual CD: $8.50 plus shipping & handling)
001 – Shalom Bayis – Enchancing the Marital Relationship
002  – Chinuch Habonim – Raising Children, A Torah Perspective
057 – Kibud Av V’Eim – A Mitzvah for All Ages
209  – Loshon Hara – Dealing with the Sickness Rather Than the Symptoms
283 – What? Me Get Angry? Never!
549  – Hark I Hear The Cannon Roar – Giving the Benefit of the Doubt

All Time Favorites, Vol II  (Complete Set: $50, Any Individual CD: $8.50 plus shipping & handling)
146  – Affluence – The Blessing and the Challenge
193  – The Golden Galus – Are We Really Waiting for Moshiach?
239  – The Concept of Tznius in Dress and Deed
373 – Envy – The Enemy Within
461 – The Ben Torah In The Professional World: A Delicate Balancing Act
505 – Surviving and Thriving In a Cynical World

All Time Favorites, Vol III  (Complete Set: $50, Any Individual CD: $8.50 plus shipping & handling)
329 – Humility vs. Self Esteem: Is There a Conflict?
337 – Rebuilding the Bais Hamikdash- What Can We Do?
417 – Family of Jews – Are We Really There For Each Other?
593 – Every Jew’s Job
637 -Playing with Fire – The Destructive Power of Machlokes
725 – Ahavas Chesed: Opening Our Hearts to Kindness With Love

An Individual’s Guide to Caring for Your Fellow Jew
681 – Zikui Harabim – All It Takes Is You!
681A – Sharing the Burden, Easing the Pain

Reflections On 9/11
651A  -Tefillah – Our Answer to 9/11
651B  – September 11th – Have We Changed


Davening Etiquette
727 – Singing During Davening – Pro or Con?
762 – Standing During Davening
851 – Proper Attire for Davening
885 – Davening Out Loud

Fathers and Sons
693 – My Father’s Chumros
799 – Can A Father Be Mochel?
780 – Can You Sue Your Father?
882 – Father or Grandfather – Who Do You Honor?

Mitzvos: Always Wondering About That
503 – Standing Up While Doing Mitzvos
656 – Getting Paid for Mitzvos
703 – The Bracha on a Mitzva: When?
856 – Distractions When Performing a Mitzva

Shabbos: It It Mutar?
666 – Dishwashers on Shabbos
688 – A Manicoure on Shabbos?
802 – Birthday Cakes on Shabbos
837 – Hairbrushes on Shabbos – Permitted or Not Permitted?

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