Listed by Parsha


Sefer Bereishis
026 Adoption: Problems and Solutions
068 Artificial Insemination
117 Inducing Labor: A Viable Option?
164 Weddings in Shuls: Is There a Problem?
210 Is Marriage a Mitzvah?
300 A Mamzer’s Obligation in Mitzvos
254 Truth Telling and Shidduchim
344 Marriage and the Birchas Airusin
388 The “Kedushai Ketanah” Controversy
432 Choices in Marriage Partners
476 Melacha of Planting
520 Kavod and Oneg Shabbos
564 You and Your Wife – Ishto Kegufo
608 The Tefilah of Modeh Ani
652 The Tefilah of Asher Yatzar
696 The Bracha on the Havdala Candle
740 When Exactly Does Shabbos Start?
784 The Beautiful Essrog – How Much More?
828 The Baal Teshuva and Pirya Ve’Rivya
872 Marrying Someone With The Same Name As Your Mother
916 Not Having Children?
959 The Case of the Mixed Up Wedding Ring
cc1003 The Case of the Missing Shabbos Bathroom Tissue
cc1047 Mogen Avos on Friday Night – When and Why?
cc1090 The Bracha On The Havdalah Candle
cc1133 The Bracha of Elokai Neshama She’Naasaata Be Available September 15, 2013

027 The Abortion Controversy
069 Ma’ariv and Mitzvos in the Land of the Midnight Sun
118 Suicide: Is it Ever Permitted?
165 Euthanasia
211 Animal Experimentation
255 Preventing A Suicide
301 Teaching Torah to Non-Jews
345 Milah for Non-Jews: Is It Permitted?
389 Abortion to Save a Baby?
433 Assisting in a Suicide
477 Tzedaka and Non-Jews
521 The Ben Noach & the Nectarine
565 The Golam
609 Cosmetic Surgery
653 The Har Habayis – The Temple Mount in Halacha & Hashkafa
697 The Case of the Fascinating Ger
741 Your Wife’s Medical Bills: Who Pays?
785 Spreading Bad News
829 Bending the Truth of the Torah
873 Stem Cell Research
917 Did Shimshon Commit Suicide?
960 Geshem Reigns?Mashiv Haruach U’moreed Hageshem? Hagoshem?
cc1004 Shinui Hashaim: Changing the Name of A Choleh
cc1048 Zichrono Le’vracha: On A Living Person?
cc1091 V’sain Tal U’Matar – Starting Too Early?
cc1134 Are Non-Jews Only Obligated in “The Seven Mitzvos”? Available September 15, 2013

Lech Lecha
028 Conversion (Geirus)
070 Bris Mila: The Metzitzah Controversy
119 Conversion for Ulterior Motives
166 The Childless Couple in Halacha
212 Non-Jews and the Mitzvah of Kibud Av
256 Mohel and Baby: Who Goes to Whom?
302 The Mitzva of Yishuv Eretz Yisroel
346 Trading Terrorists for Hostages
390 Geirus-Mitzvah, Reshus or Issur?
434 Anesthesia During Milah
478 Sandik-Can You Change Your Mind
522 Calling Avraham, Avrum
566 Learning Vs Saving A Life
610 The Widow & the Divorcee – How Long Must They Wait to Remarry
654 Sonei Matonos Yichye – Refusing Gifts
698 Did the Avos Keep the Torah?
742 Can You Change Your Mazel?
786 The On-Time vs. the Delayed Bris
830 Standing for A Chosen and Kallah At The Chupah
874 Saving Some-One’s Soul- How Far Must You Go?
918 Hidur Mitzvah – How Important?
961 Tying Shoes?Not As Simple As You Think
cc1005 Inviting People to a Bris-Good Idea or Bad?
cc1049 Honoring Your Wife
cc1092 The Baal Teshuva Who Wants To Convert His Non-Jewish Girlfriend
cc1135 “Schar Pe’sios”- Should You Walk or Drive to Shul – (Not On Shabbos Of Course) Available September 15, 2013

029 Mila and the “Yellow” Baby
071 The Tzava’ah (Last Will and Testament) of Rabbeinu Yehuda Hachasid
120 After Milchigs: How Long a Wait?
167 The Bris Milah Seudah
213 Is Lying Ever Permitted?
257 Makom Kavuah and Other Davening Issues
303 Milk and Eggs in Halacha
347 Women and the Laws of Tznius
391 The Mitzvah of Nichum Aveilim
435 Declining a Kibud
479 Mitzvah of Inviting Guests
523 Walking by a Person Who Is Davening
567 Asking and Giving Mechila
611 Shalom Aleichem on Friday Night
655 The Bris Milah Seudah – Fleishig or Milchig?
699 Zichrona L’vracha, Sh’lita and Neru – For Whom?
743 Chazoras Hashatz – More Important Than You Think
787 Tefilah – Guaranteeing Success
831 Hagomel for Elective Surgery
875 Visiting the Sick – Are Two Better Than One? and Other Issues
919 Bas Mitzvah Celebrations – Kosher or Not?
962 Hard Cheese: Hot Dog After Pizza?Is There a Problem?
cc1006 “I’m Mochel You” – Do You Really Have To Mean It?
cc1050 Saying No to A Rosh Hayeshiva/ To Your Host?
cc1093 Must You Start Shomeh Esrai Exactly With the Tzibbur?
cc1136 I Have A Toothache/Headache/Cold – Do I Still Have To Daven Available September 15, 2013

Chayei Sarah
030 The Shadchan in Halacha
072 Superstition in Halacha
121 The Jewish Cemetery
168 The Laws and Customs of the Hesped
214 Pilegesh: An Alternative to Marriage?
258 Intruding on Another’s Shidduch
304 That “Mazik” of a Child: Is He Responsible?
348 Determining the Salary of the Shadchan
392 Purchasing a Burial Plot
436 Daughters, Shidduchim & Parental Wishes
480 Calling Off An Engagement
524 The Badekin
568 Feeding Your Animals
612 Dating Etiquette
656 Getting Paid for Mitzvos
700 More Mincha Insight
744 Turning 20: A Scary Birthday
788 Be Careful What You Ask For
832 Burying a Man Next to A Woman – Is This a Problem?
876 Kavanah in the First Bracha of Sh’monei Esrei
920 Shidduchim – Check Out the Brothers
963 Taking A Niftar To Eretz Yisroel: When Does the Aveilus Begin and for Whom?
cc1007 The Obligation to Marry Off The Children: How Far Must You Go?
cc1051 Fulfilling P’ru U’revu – With Boys or Girls?
cc1094 Oops! I Already Davened Mincha
cc1137 I WantYour Esrog/Teffilin/Menorah and I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse Available September 15, 2013

031 Marriage Between Relatives
073 Non-Kosher Medicines and the Birchas Hareiach (Scents)
122 G’neivas Da’as: Deception and Your Fellow Man
169 The Blind Person in Halacha
215 V’sain Tal U’matar
259 “Sorfin Al Hachzakos”: The Concept of Chazaka in Halacha
305 The Bracha of “Baruch Sheptarani”
349 Must Mincha Have a “Chazoras Hashatz”?
393 Neitz Hachama vs. Tefilah B’tzibur
437 Accepting Tzedaka from Women
481 Lying to Keep What’s Yours
525 Maris Ayin
569 Yichud With Relatives
613 Shiva and the Wayward Son
657 Fascinating Insights into the Tefilah of Mincha
701 Fasting on The Wedding Day
745 The Cost of Stealing a Mizvah
789 The Power of Your Own Words
833 Six or Ten People for Chazoras Hashatz?
877 Bar Mitzvah Sh’ailos
921 Accepting Someone Else’s Curse
964 The Non-Observant at Your Yom Tov Meal: Good Idea or Major Problem?
cc1008 I Don’t Want You to Marry That Man” – Must A Daughter Listen To Her Father?
cc1052 Seudas Hav’ra’ah and Sending Food During Shiva
cc1095 Fascinating Bar Mitzva Shailos
cc1138 Who’s Better For A Sh’liach Tzibbur – An FFB or BT? Available September 15, 2013

032 Obligation to Give Ma’aser
074 Honoring Parents Who Are Not Observant
123 Tefilla B’tzibur: Is it Mandatory?
170 Marrying Off a Younger Child First
216 Maariv
260 “Ein Me’arvin Simcha B’Simcha”
306 Making A Neder During Times of Trouble
350 Must Women Daven?
394 Accepting Tzedaka from Women
438 The Mitzvah of Mesameach Chasan V’Kallah
482 Davening to a Malach
526 A Million Dollars to Tzadaka If…
570 Tuition and Maaser Money
614 The Tefilah of Baruch Hashem L’Olom Omein V’Omein
658 Lashon Aramis – Aramaic
702 The Marriage that Was Not a Joke
746 The Amazing Power of Saying Tehillim
790 May Women Always Attend Shul?
834 Talmud Torah Vs Kibud Av
878 The Baal Teshuva and the Family TV
922 Too Much Tzedakah?
965 The Proper Time for Maariv
cc1009 Sheva Brachos Questions
cc1053 The Younger Brother Who Says “I’m Getting Married First”
cc1096 Davening With A Minyan- More Than An Inyan?
cc1139 Can The Younger Brother Marry Before His Older Sister? Available September 15, 2013

033 Xmas Eve in Halacha and Agadah
075 Tombstones: Halachic Questions and Answers
124 The Seven Noachide Laws
171 The Prohibition Against Flattery
217 Terrorism: How May an Individual Respond?
261 Elective Surgery and Milah on Thursdays
307 The Difficult Childbirth
351 Tefilas Haderech
395 Free Will vs. Hashgocha Pratis
439 Executing a Ben Noach by Virtue of His Own Admission
483 Celebrating Thanksgiving
527 Matzeivah Questions
571 Bowing to A Person
615 The Prohibition of Gid Hanasheh
659 The Father of the Bride: His Responsibilities
703 The Bracha on a Mitzva: When?
747 Is Self Defense a Defense?
791 Flattery Revisited
835 ‘You Look Great’ – Permitted Flattery?
879 Relying on Nissim
923 The Name of Binyamin
966 Matzeva and Other Cemetery Issues
cc1010 Davening at Kever Rochel: Is It Mutar?
cc1054 Ein Somchin al Ha’nes – Relying on Miracles
cc1097 Tefilas Haderech: How Long Of A Trip?
cc1140 Twins: Must The Younger One Be Me’chabed the Older One? Available September 15, 2013

034 Chanukah Licht on Erev Shabbos
076 Katlanis: The Twice Widowed Woman
125 HaMalbin P’nei Chaveiro: Shaming Another
172 The Complex Issue of Child Custody
218 Grape Juice and Yayin Mevushal
262 Yichud and the “Open Door Policy”
308 Secular Studies
352 “Chamar Medinah” – What Can Be Used For Kiddush?
396 Artificial Insemination Before Chemotherapy
440 Third Night of Chanukah But Only Two Candles
484 The Ubiquitous Donor Plaque
528 Sending Someone on a Fatal Mission
572 Determining Paternity
616 Chanukah – Women Lighting for Husbands
660 Birthdays – A Jewish Minhag?
704 Sparing Someones Humiliation
748 The Menorah – Inside The House or Outside?
792 Observing Shiva for Grandparents?
836 Katlanis: A Third Marriage
880 Lying For The Sake Of The Truth
924 Bitachon Vs Hishtadlus
967 Public Humiliation: Can An Older Brother Object to the Younger Brother’s Engagement?
cc1011 Davening with a Minyan on Chanukah vs. Lighting On Time and Other Chanukah Issues
cc1055 Can You Kill Someone Who Hashem Doesn’t Want To Die?
cc1098 Doing A Mitzvah in Face Of A Sakana
cc1141 Business Parnerships With Non-Jews Available September 15, 2013

035 Chanukah Issues
077 Prohibitions During Times of Crises
126 Dreams in Halacha and Hashkafa
173 Dreams in Halacha II
219 Chanukah Issues II
263 Women and Chanukah Licht
309 “Lo Sechanaim” – Giving Gifts to Non-Jews
353 Chanukah and Hidur Mitzvah
397 Lighting Neiros in Shul, and Other Chanukah Issues
441 Taanis Chalom
485 Miracle Products and Other Chanukah Issues
529 Ner Chanukah: Where, When and Other Issues
573 The Silver Menorah and Other Chanukah Issues
617 The Bad Dream
661 Davening for the Welfare of the Government
705 Chanukah Canldes, Hotels and Chashunas
749 Solomonic Wisdom
793 Oops! 3 Candles on the 2nd Night
837 Hairbrushes on Shabbos – Permitted or Not Permitted
881 The T’reifa Chicken Scandel
925 Kavod Malchus – How Far Can You Go?
968 The Minyan: Must Everyone Be In The Same Room?
cc1012 Preparing for Shabbos – Thursday or Friday? and Other Issues
cc1056 Mikeitz Oops! I Made A Bracha On The Shamash
cc1099 Havdalah or Ner Chanukah – Which Comes First?
cc1142 Must I Give Up My Hidur Mitzva for Your Kiyum Mitzvah? Available September 15, 2013

036 Are Building Funds Kosher?
078 The Uses of Snow in Halacha
127 Baby Naming
174 Twins
220 Host Mothers in Halacha
264 The Bracha for Kings and Presidents
310 Honoring Elderly Parents
354 Honoring Grandparents
398 K’rias Shema: How Early, Interruptions, and Other Issues
442 The Umbrella On Shabbos
486 Grandchildren in Halacha
530 Performing A Mitzvah Personally
574 Being the Bearer of Bad Tidings
618 K’rias Shema: Fascinating Insights
662 Learning and Davening on the Road
706 Z’man K’rias Shema
750 Will I Make Z’man K’rias Shema?
794 Must I Always Stand For the Rov
838 Answering Kedusah in the Middle of K’rias Shema
882 Father or Grandfather – Whom Do You Honor?
926 It’s The Thought That Counts
969 Burial In Eretz Yisroel II?How Important Is It?
cc1013 My Chumrah Vs Your Hurt Feelings
cc1057 Lashon Kodesh: The Uniqueness of the Hebrew Language
cc1100 K’rias Shema: What Is the Proper Kavanah?
cc1143 OOPS! I Forgot Today’s A Fast Day After I Made a Bracha. Available September 15, 2013

037 Establishing Time of Death
079 The Yissocher-Zevulun Partnership
128 The Sandik at a Bris
175 Embalming, Autopsies, and Cremation
221 Exhumation: When Is It Permitted?
265 Yahrtzeit
311 Funerals in Halacha
355 Asarah B’Teves
399 Baruch Sheim K’vod Malchuso L’Olom Voed
443 Aveilus Issues
487 Determining Date of Moshiach’s Arrival
531 Burial In Eretz Yisroel
575 Honoring an Older Brother
619 Fulfilling the Wishes of the Deceased
663 Belief in the Coming of Moshiach
707 Fasting on a Yahrzeit
751 The Rabbi: Master Or Slave?
795 Hatoras Nedorim – How Specific Must You Be?
839 Buying a Cemetery Plot – Investing in Real Estate for the Long Term
883 Evil Intentions – Do They Matter?
927 Yissocher – Zevulun Revisited
970 Being a Sandik?Does It Really Make You Wealthy
cc1014 Will We Make Pesach When Mashiach Comes?
cc1058 Bentching Your Children on Friday Nights
cc1101 Grandfather or Great Grandfather – Who Should Be Sandik?
cc1144 Supporting Someone To Sit and Leran: Must He Be L’shmah? Available September 15, 2013

Sefer Sh’mos
038 Husbands at Childbirth
081 Cholov Yisroel: Necessary or Not in Modern America?
129 Giving English Names
176 Shalosh Seudos in Shuls: Is There a Problem?
222 Disposal of Shaimos
266 The Laws and Customs of the Chupah
312 The Do’s and Don’ts of Naming Babies
356 Turning an Offender Over to the Secular Authorities
400 Sh’nayim Mikra V’echad Targum
444 The Deaf Mute In Halacha
488 Marrying Cousins?
532 Learning On Shabbos–A Good Idea?
576 Davening With Shoes
620 Kosher Cheese: What Is It?
664 The Woman Mohel; Laser Milah
708 Your Child As a Shabbos Goy?
752 Saving Your Life – How Far Must I Go?
796 English Names Revisited
840 Baby Naming – Whose Privilege, Father or Mother?
884 The Corrosive Effect of Non-Kosher Foods
928 The Heinous Crime of Mosair
971 Kissing People in A Shul?Mutar or Asur?
cc1015 Ma’avir Sedrah – Why? When?
cc1059 “How Do You Get Called Up to the Torah?”
cc1102 Dressing Jewishly: Is There Such A Thing?
cc1145 The Shomer Shabbos Vs The Non-Shomer Shabbos Doctor – Revisited Available December 10, 2013


039 Shabbos Emergency: Should One Call a Non-Shomer Shabbos Doctor?
082 Astrology: Is It For Us?
130 The Issur of Entering a Church
177 Magic Shows: More Than Meets the Eye
223 Learning in Kollel: Is It Always Permitted?
267 Do Secular Names of G-d Have Kedusha?
313 Converting a Church Into a Shul
357 Birchas Hamotzi
401 Kadima B’brachos–Hierarchy of Brachos
445 Shoveling Snow On Shabbos
489 Denying Jewishness
533 Shin Shel Tefillin & Ohr Echad
577 Davening for Non-Jews
621 Kosher Cheese Continued – Cottage Cheese & Butter
665 Checking Out Families for Shidduchim
709 Kavod Malchus & Secular Kings
753 Making Hamotzei – Not As Simple As it Seems
797 Sheva Brachos at the Seder
841 Serving McDonalds To Your Non-Jewish Employees
885 Davening Out Loud – A Good Idea?
929 The Bracha of Al Hamichya
972 Is Islam Avodah Zarah?
cc1016 The Magician Who Became a Baal Teshuva
cc1060 Bentching on a Kos; Making Brachos With Children
cc1103 Davening In Front Of A Tzelem
cc1146 A Polling Place/AA Meeting In A Bais Avodah Zara – A Problem? Available December 10, 2013

040 Amirah L’Akum: The “Shabbos Goy”
083 The Burning Issue of Smoking
131 Sephardic vs. Ashkenazic Pronunciation Is There a Correct Way?
178 Tefillin and Long Hair
224 Kiddush Levanah
268 The Consequence of Dropping Tefillin or a Sefer Torah
314 Chumros in Halacha
358 Mezzuzah-What Is a Door?
402 Doing Work on Rosh Chodesh
446 The Dog In Halacha
490 The Lefty and Tefilin
534 Rashi & Rabbeinu Ta’am’s Tefillin
578 Tefilin on Chol Hamoed
622 Ya’ale V’Yovo
666 Dishwashers on Shabbos
710 Checking Teffilin by Computer
754 Cholent on Pesach – Why Not?
798 Kiddush Lavanah – Moonshine on Purim
842 What Should It Be ? Hello or Shalom?
886 Women and Kiddush Lavana
930 Eating Matzo An Entire Pesach – A Mitzvah?
973 Yaaleh Ve’yavoh
cc1017 Kiddush Levana on a Cloudy Night
cc1061 Rosh Chodesh Bentching (Bircas Ha’chodesh)
cc1104 How Long Must You Wear Your Tefillin?
cc1147 Hashgacha Pratis – Divine Providence – Does It Apply To Everyone? Available December 10, 2013

041 Israel’s Wars: 1948-1973, A Halachic Perspective
084 The Mitzvah of Krias HaTorah
132 Standing for Krias Hatorah
179 Female Vocalists: The Problem of Kol Isha
225 Music in Halacha
269 Lechem Mishnah
315 The Prohibition of Living in Egypt
359 Making Ice On Shabbos
403 Three Slices of Pizza–Must You Bench?
447 Hidur Mitzvah
491 The Three Seudos of Shabbos
535 Using P’sukim for Nigunim?
579 Being Motzi Others in Lechem Mishan and Other Brachos
623 Kiddush or Netilas Yadayim – Which Comes First?
667 The Supernatural and the “Mun” dane
711 Shlishi or Shishi? and Other Aliyah Issues
755 Techum Shabbos: Wearing Your Hat to the Hospital
799 Kibud Av – Can A Father Be Mochel?
887 Rejoicing At The Death of Reshoim -Recommended or Not?
931 K’rias Hatorah – Must You Listen?
974 The Bracha of Ga’aal Yisroel Before Shemoneh Esrai?Silent or Outloud?
cc1018 Bracha Achrona: How Soon Must You Say It?
cc1062 Shalosh Seudos: Where and With What?
cc1105 The Shabbos Seuda On A No-Carb Diet
cc1148 Kol Isha – Listening To A Female Vocalist on the Radio Available December 10, 2013

042 Kiddush: To Sit or Not to Sit
085 Christianity in Halacha
133 Honoring In-Laws
180 The Mitzvah of Kiddush for Men and Women
226 The Fearless Judge: A Difficult Task
270 Parental Wishes vs. Staying in Israel
316 The Reading of the “Aseres Hadibros”
360 Dolls and Statues: Is There An Avodah Zarah Problem?
404 Making a Bracha on a Makom Neis
448 Lo Sachmod
492 Eating Before Kiddush
536 Newspapers on Shabbos
580 Women and Havdalah
624 Resting Your Animal on the Shabbos
668 Kiddush B’mkom Seudah
712 The Kiddush Club
756 The Kosel Video Camera
800 Avoda Zara and The Jewish Jeweler
844 Yisro and Birchas Hagomel
888 What Should It Be – Hello or Shalom?
932 Saying The Shem Hashem While Learning – Yes or No?
975 Kiddush on Wine: Absolutely Necessary?
cc1019 Unnecessary Brachos
cc1063 Ma’aris Ayin: The Power Lunch In A Treife Restaurant
cc1106 Must You Treat Your Father-in-Law Like Your Father?
cc1149 Kiddush Shabbos Day – On What? What Do You Say? Available December 10, 2013

043 Malpractice
086 Withholding Medical Treatment
134 Hashovas Aveida: Returning Lost Objects
181 Medicine, Shabbos, and the Non-Jew
227 Taking Medication on Shabbos
271 Experimental Medical Treatment
317 Wrecking a Borrowed Car
361 Bankruptcy
405 Litigating in Secular Courts
449 Is Gambling Permitted
493 Bitul B’rov
537 Losing Your Coat at a Coat Check
581 Lending Without Witnesses
625 The Kesuba
669 Rabbinical Contracts
713 Adam Hamazik & Liability Insurance
757 Midvar Sheker Tirchak: True or False?
801 Oy! My Wallet Went Over Niagara Falls
845 Is Hunting a Jewish Sport?
889 The Neighbor Who Forgot To Turn Off The Fire
933 The Mitzvah of Lending Money
976 Will Any Doctor Do?
cc1020 The Potato Baked in a Fleishig Pan – With Butter or Margerine?
cc1064 The Doctor That Erred
cc1107 5772 or 2012 What Should It Be?
cc1150 Taking State Farm To Beis Din Available December 10, 2013

044 Changing Nusach: Ashkenaz vs. Sephard
087 The Microphone on Shabbos
135 Living Above a Shul
182 Davening Towards Mizrach
228 Selling a Shul
272 Chazakah B’Mitzvos: Is This Maftir Yonah Mine?
318 Taking Out Two Sifrei Torah
362 The Mechitza-How High?
406 Shul Elections
450 Bais Hakeneses & Bais Hamikdash–Differences & Similarities
494 Bima In The Center Of The Shul
538 Preventing the Building of a Shul
582 Silk in Halacha
626 The Po’roches
714 The Bais Hamedrash Is Not a Chat Room
758 An Atara for a Talis?
802 Birthday Cakes on Shabbos
846 A Pasul Sefer Torah – Where Should It Be Kept?
890 Shul Winows: An Open or Closed Case?
934 Kohanim Face the Nation
977 Remodeling A Shul: Is There A Problem?
cc1021 Should a Yahrzeit Make His Own Minyan in Shul to Get the Amud?
cc1065 The Breakaway Minyan – Permitted or Not?
cc1108 Being From The First Ten At Davening
cc1151 Shul Shortcuts – Does Saying A Pasuk Really Help? Available December 10, 2013

045 The Gartel: To Wear or Not to Wear
088 Parshas Zachor and Other Purim Issues
136 Purim Costumes: Anything Goes?
183 Candle Lighting on Friday Night
229 Purim Issues II
273 Taanis Esther and The Personal Purim
319 Conditional Licht Benching
363 The “Mazik” On Purim
407 Hesach Ha’daas and Tefilin
451 How Many Shabbos Candles
495 Reneging on a Tzedaka Pledge
539 Matanos Le’evyonim
583 The Bracha of Blossoming Trees
627 Having Your Own Megilah
670 A Woman’s First Candle Lighting
715 Parsha Zachor More Fascinating Insights
759 Printed Mezuzos?
803 Late for Megillah and Other Purim Issues
847 Teaching Torah to a Potential Ger
891 Women and Sh’lach Manous and Matanos L’evyonim
935 Purim Seudah – Is Bread Necessary?
978 Shedding Light on Ba’meh Madlikin
cc1022 Can the Rabbi/Chazan/Rosh Hayeshiva Give His Position To His Son?
cc1066 Sending Sh’lach Manos, With A Questionable Hechsher
cc1109 Should Women Wear A Yamulka?
cc1152 Hashkama Minyan That Heard Parshas Zachor From A Pasul Sefer Torah Available December 10, 2013

Ki Sisa
046 Dealing with Illness on Shabbos
089 Returning From a Medical Emergency on Shabbos
137 The Census: Can Jews Be Counted?
184 You and the Seriously Ill: How Much of a Responsibility?
230 The Mitzvah of Shekalim and Davening Musaf
274 Saying Tehillim at Night
320 The Melacha of Dyeing
364 The Melacha of Memachek
408 Fax Machines on Shabbos
452 Kiddush Shabbos Morning
496 Tallis: Bringing It Home On Shabbos
540 Machatzis Hashekel
584 The Meat Delivery At Your Door
628 Mincha – How Early, How Late?
671 Neigel Vasser- Washing Hands When Arising
716 Shaliach Mitzva: Is He Always Safe?
760 Can You Sell Your Aveiros?
804 Great Grandchildren
848 Oy! The Fridge Light Is On
892 Borer: Can You Separate White Meat from the Dark Meat?
936 The Obligation to Learn T’nach
979 Chilul Shabbos to Save a Person Who Will Die Shortly
cc1023 The Onion That Was Cut With a Fleishig Knife
cc1067 Cleaning Plastic Tablecloths, Contact Lenses on Shabbos
cc1110 Washing Your Hands Before Mincha
cc1153 Rinsing Out Your Mouth On A Fast Day Available December 10, 2013

047 Pikuach Nefesh: To Save a Life
090 The Melacha of Carrying
138 The Melacha of Tying Knots on Shabbos
185 The Melacha of Writing
231 Making a Siyum
275 Electricity in Halacha
321 Leap Year and the Second Adar
365 The Melacha of Tearing
409 The Melacha of Melabain (Laundering)
453 Wearing A Watch on Shabbos
497 The Tefillah of B’rich Sh’mei
541 Learning Kabbalah
585 The Melacha of Trapping
629 Sitting in Judgement on Shabbos
672 The Mishebeirach in Halacha
673 Putting A Sefer Torah in the Aron
717 One Hundred Brachos A Day
761 Killing Two Birds with One Stone
805 Baruch Sh’omar, Ashrei and Yishtabach
849 Saying L’shem Yichud – A Good Idea?
893 The Unique Parshas Sh’kolim
937 Magnetic Forces
980 Siyum M’sechta: For The Past Or For The Future?
cc1024 Turning That Old Dress Into A Cover for a Sefer Torah?
cc1068 “This (Aron Kodesh/Ner Tamid/Window) Is Donated By”…A Good Idea
cc1111 Paying the Baal Koreh/Chazan/Babysitter for Shabbos
cc1154 Does The Husband’s Early Kabolas Shabbos Affect His Wife? Available December 10, 2013

Special Interest
cc1025 Bringing Out the Best in Our Children and in Ourselves

Sefer Vayikra
003 The Korban Pesach Today
048 Is Shaving Permitted on Chol Ha’Moed?
091 Americans in Israel: Two-Day Yom Tov or One?
139 Confidentiality: The Prohibition Against Revealing Secrets
186 Shalach Manos and Other Purim Issues
232 Maror: A Bitter Problem?
276 Is Theft Permitted to Save a Life?
322 A Unique Erev Pesach & Its Broader Implications
366 Chametz She’avar Olov HaPesach
410 The Obligation to Testify
454 Eruv Tavshilin
498 Honey–Why Is It Kosher
542 Selling Chametz
586 Rabbinic Confidentiality
630 Gebrokts and Kneidelach
674 Saying Karbonos
718 Karbanos: The Basis for Tefillah
762 Standing During Davening
806 Voice Recognition – How Reliable?
850 Taking Medicines on Yom Tov
894 Pesach-Daled Kosos: Must You Drink All 4? And Other Issues
938 Davening on an Airplane/Train: Must You Stand?
981 Aepting Shul Donations from Non-Shomrei Shabbos
cc1026 Salt on the Table
cc1069 Should Yeshiva Bochrim/Kollel Members Say Karbonos?
cc1112 A Rabbi’s Dilemma–Reveal A Confidence and Get Sued or Remain Silent?

004 When to Make the Bracha of HaGomel
049 Purim: Shalach Manos
092 Non-Kosher Products: The Dilemma of the Jewish Merchant
140 Pesach: The Mitzvah of Daled Kosos
187 Pesach: Does Maror Require a K’zayis?
233 Pesach: Women and Daled Kosos
277 Pesach: The Mitzvah of Heseiba
323 Pesach: Eating Matzo: How Fast?
367 Pesach: Afikomen After Chatzos
411 Pesach: Netilas Yodayim for Karpas & Wet Fruit
455 Pesach: Daled Kosos: Another Look
499 Davening Quietly
543 Birchas Hagomel, Airplane Travel & Other Issues
587 Afikomen Revisited
631 Bleeding Gums- More Than a Periodontal Problem
675 Going Away for Pesach and Bedikas Chometz
719 The Importance of Shabbos Clothes
763 Eating Matzo When Ill
807 Pesach: Who Says the Haggadah In Your House?;Hallel In Shul? And Other Pesach Issues
851 Proper Attire for Davening
895 Birchas HaGomel – More Insights
939 Pesach: Gefilte Fish, Ch’rain and Charoses?
982 Pesach: A Bracha Achrona for All Daled Kosos-Why Not?
cc1070 Pesach-Hallel in Shul on the night of Pesach; Women and Haggadah
cc1113 Thoughts On The Hagaddah Vol 4

006 The Insects-in-Vegetables Controversy
050 The Tuna Fish Controversy
093 Melacha Before Havdalah
141 Using a Mikveh for Non-Orthodox Conversions
188 Netilas Yadayim for Bread and Fruit
234 Netilas Yadayim at Breakfast: Is One “Washed Up” for the Day?
278 Netilas Yadayim and Chatzizah
324 Sefiras Ha’omer
368 Don’t Drink and Daven
412 Minhagim of the Days of Sefira
456 Gelatin: Is It Kosher?
500 Is Turkey Kosher?
544 Bedikas Chametz
588 The Aveil and the Haircut
632 Baal Teshaktzu – Abstaining From Unpleasant Behavior
676 Buffalo, Giraffe and other Exotic Animals – Are They Kosher?
720 A Guf Naki for Davening
764 Loaig Le’rosh – Respecting the Dead
808 New York City – Don’t Drink the Water!?
852 Pesach – 4 Questions You Probably Never Asked
896 Women & Havdalah – Second Thoughts
941 Mayim Acharonim: Is It Necessary?
983 Pesach – Thoughts on the Hagaddah- Vol. II
cc1027 Giving Shalom/Saying Hello to a Person in Aveilus
cc1072 The Fly That Fell Into the Soup
cc1114 Can You Change Your Minhag of When To Keep Sefira?

007 Self-Defense
051 Moser: The Dilemma of the Jewish IRS Agent
094 Hallel on Yom Ha’atzma’ut?
142 Eyeglasses in Halacha
189 Mikveh: Tevillah and Chaziza
235 Caesarian Section Births
279 Women’s Testimony in Hilchos Niddah
325 The Microscope in Halacha
369 Bris Milah That Causes Chilul Shabbos
413 Speaking Lashon Horah on Baalei Machlokes
457 Getting an Aliyah After Childbirth
501 Milah and the Sick Baby
545 Dangerous Medical Procedures
589 Pidyon Haben – Daytime or Night?
633 Lashon Harah and Lashon Hatov
677 Tallis Katan – Wool or Cotton?
721 Eruv Pesach – More Special Than You Think
765 How Many Mitzvos of Sefira Are There?
853 Mila on Shabbos: Fascinating Questions
897 Insights Into Sefiras Ha’omer
942 Kiddush Hashem?Is Everyone Obligated?
984 The Annual Issue of: “What’s Tonight’s Sefira?” and other Sefira Issues
cc1028 Davening Maariv Early: Does it Make it Tomorrow?
cc1073 Bracha Achrona – How Fast Or How Slow Must One Eat?
cc1115 Office Lashon Horah–How Far Must You Go To Avoid It?

Acharei Mos/Kedoshim
008 Lifnei Ivair (Accessory to an Aveira)
009 Prohibition Against Using a Razor
052 Prohibition Against Revenge
095 The Mezonos Roll: Does it Exist?
143 Inviting the Non-0bservant to Your Shabbos Table
190 The Prohibition of Negiah
236 The Do’s & Don’ts of Giving Tochacha
280 “Lo Sa’amod Al Dam Re’echa”
326 Mipnei Seiva Takum: Honoring the Elderly
370 Desserts–Do They Require a Bracha?
414 Giving An Injection to One’s Father
458 Giving Tochacha: Private or Public?
502 Kisui Hadam
546 Treating Mitzvos with Respect
590 Sofaik Be’racha
634 The Prohibition of Hating Another Jew
678 Tochacha: Is Ignorance Bliss?
722 Stealing as a Practical Joke
766 Making Shidduchim Among Non-Observant
810 The Prohibition of Hating Another Jew
854 Tatoos: Totally Taboo?
898 Paying the Plumber and Babysitter
943 Oy! They Shaved My Payos
985 Giving the Benefit of the Doubt – Always?
cc1029 Must a Person Eat Bread in Order to Bentch?
cc1074 Paying for Someone’s Expensive Medical Treatment
cc1116 Eating Before Davening

010 Can Kohanim Visit Graves of Tzadikim
053 Are Our Kohanim Really Kohanim?
096 “Kovod Habrios”: The Concept of Human Dignity
144 Kohanim in Hospitals: A Real Problem
191 The Bracha for Kiddush Hashem
237 Sterilization: Is It Permitted?
281 Kiddush Hashem: Is “Giluy Arayus” Ever Permitted?
327 The Kohain and the Divorcee
371 The Mitzvah of Ve’Kidashto – Honoring Kohanim
415 The Ba’alas Teshuva & the Kohain
459 Eliyahu Hanavi and the “Dead” Child
503 Standing Up While Doing Mitzvos
547 The Wayward Daughter
591 The Kohain and the Gerusha
635 Bracha of Mekadaish Es Shimcha B’rabim
679 Mrs. Cohen Is Having A Baby
723 Is the Kohain Always First?
767 Kohain, Kaddish and Kadima
811 Is Adultry Ever Permitted?
855 The Brother-in-Law Who Threw Out The Ring
899 Motrin For Your Children?
944 Honoring Kohanim?Even Children?
986 The Child of a Jewish Mother and a Non-Jewish Father: Jewish or Not? Not As Simple as You Think
cc1030 The Bonfires of Meiron–When Did it Start? Why? Mutar?
cc1075 Can I Steal Your Medicine To Save My Life?
cc1117 Must We Be M’Chabaid Leviim As Well As Kohanim?
011 Rationing Medical Care
012 Can Teachers Strike?
054 Life Insurance: The Torah Policy
055 Candle Lighting & Havdalah: How Early & How Late?
097 “Ribis”: Problems of Interest for the Jew in a Mercantile Society
098 “Cheremei Tzibur”: A Ban on Living in Germany?
145 Kidney Donations: Endangering Oneself to Save Another
192 Making Shabbos Early
238 Onoas D’vorim: Snide Remarks
282 The Physician’s Obligation to Heal
328 Sh’mita and the Heter Mechira
372 Using Shuls As A Shortcut
416 Supporting Jewish Merchants
460 The Obligation of Checking One’s Teffilin
504 Lag B’omer
548 Marrying for Money
592 Ribis and the Non-Jew
636 The Kedusha of the Ezras Noshim
680 Is Ribis Ever Permitted?
724 The Chazzan Who Changes His Mind
768 Dos and Don’ts of Treating a Lender
812 How Much Is That Tiffany Necklace?
856 Distractions When Performing A Mitzvah
900 Oy! My Teffilin Are Pasul
945 Overcharging: How Much Is Too Much?
987 Limud HaTorah – Must You Understand What You Are Learning?
988 Bentching – Making Sure You Eat and Enjoy
cc1031 Sh’mitta – How Did the Farmers Survive?
cc1032 The Child Molester – What Must We Do?
cc1076 Cheating in Business It May Be More Asur Than You Think
cc1118 What Are You/Aren’t You Allowed To Talk About on Shabbos?
cc1119 Davening in a Rented Movie Theater–Is There A Problem?

Special Interest
cc1071 Thoughts on the Hagaddah Vol 3

Sefer Bamidbar
013 Yerushalayim in Halacha
058 Going Up To Yerushalayim for Yom Tov: Does it Apply Today?
101 Teaching Torah to Women
147 Sefiras HaOmer, Shavuos & the International Dateline
194 Can One Charge for Teaching Torah?
240 An Early Start for Shavuos?
284 Birchas HaTorah
330 Sefer Rus and Its Halachic Implications
374 Bathing On Shabbos and Yom Tov
418 Shavuos Issues–Late Maariv–Learning All Night
462 May A Child Carry A Sefer On Shabbos
506 Shavuos: Two Days, She’cheyanu & Other Issues
550 Opening Cans on Shabbos & Yom Tov
594 Omer Davar B’Sheim Omro – Giving Proper Credit
638 Eruv and the Big City
682 Carrying on Yom Tov
726 Returning Pidyon Haben Money
770 Let Them Eat Cheesecake
814 Oy, The Eruv is Down, Now What?
858 Ms. Cohen for A Pidyon Habein?
902 Dancing on Yom Tov
946 The Beautiful Poem of Akdomus
989 The Mitzva of Talmud Torah – How Much – How Little?
cc1033 Conning Someone Out of A Mitzva
cc1077 Can A Father Give His Son His Position of Rabonus/Chazonos While He Is Still Alive?
cc11220 The Zohar Vs Talmud Bavli: Whom Do We Pasken Like? Available May 1, 2013

014 The Prohibition of Yichud
059 Sheitel: A Woman’s Obligation to Cover Her Hair
103 Birchas Kohanim
148 Sotah: The Case of the Unfaithful Wife
195 Birchas Kohanim: Who Can and Who Can’t?
241 Yichud and the Housekeeper
285 Sa’ar B’isha Ervah
331 NassoMust A Kallah Cover Her Hair at the Chasunah?
375 Ain Osin Mitzvos Chavilos
419 Causing the Erasure of Hashem’s Name
463 Dee’chui Eitzel Mitzvos
507 The Faithful Unfaithful Wife
551 Being Motzi a Wife in Kiddush
595 Chazonim and Chazanus
639 The Unfaithful Wife – Is Ignorance an Excuse?
683 Shalom Bayis – How Far Can One Go?
727 Singing During Davening – Pro or Con?
771 Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Bishul Akum,
815 The Laws of Sotah – Still Very Relevant
859 Walking Behind a Woman
903 Shavuous- Fascinating Halachos
947 Birchas Kohanim?Whose Mitzva?The Kohain or Yisroel?
990 Cutting Down A Fruit Tree for Home Expansion
cc1034 Ba’alas Teshuva Who Was Not Honest With Her Husband
cc1078 The Elderly Gentleman and the Female Nurse – A Yichud Problem?
cc1121 The Enigma of Shimshon HaGibor Available May 1, 2013
015 Reinstituting the S’micha
060 Waiting Between Meat and Milk: Adults and Children
104 The Seven-Branched Menorah
149 Bringing the Sefer Torah to a Temporary Minyan
196 Vegetarianism
242 Military Service and Potential Halachic Problems
286 When Do We Stand in Honor Of a Sefer Torah?
332 Tefilas Tashlumin: Making Up a Missed Davening
376 Davening For A Choleh
420 Fish and Meat
464 Honoring Levi’im
508 The City of Yericho
552 Kavod Sefer Torah Vs Kavod Talmid Chochom
596 Sitting on Top of Seforim
640 Lox and Cream Cheese
684 Kissing A Sister
728 Lechem Mishna Revisited
772 Simchas Shabbos – Is There Such a Thing?
816 Niduy – Excommunication
860 Standing For A Sefer Torah On Simchas Torah
904 Women and Birchas HaGomel
948 The Ba’al Shacharis Who Forgot Maariv
991 The Shabbos Bar Mitzva in the Good ‘Ole Summertime
cc1035 Davening that the Suffering Patient Should Die – Permitted or Not?
cc1079 Does A Grandfather Have To Pay For His Grandson’s Tuition?
cc1122 Meat and Fish – Must You Have A Separate Fish Pot? Available May 1, 2013

016 Mixed Seating at Weddings
061 The Minyan: Who Counts?
105 Tallis: Does it Cover Only Married Men?
150 Tzitzis: Must They Be Worn?
197 Carrying Medicine on Shabbos
243 The Concept of Prison in Jewish Law
287 Women and Tzitzis
333 Techeiles Today
377 Tzitzis: Must They Be Seen?
421 The Issur of Histaklus
465 Donning a Tallis for The Amud
509 Ain Ma’averin Al Hamitzvos
553 Women and Tzitzis Revisited
597 Davening at the Graves of Tzadikim
641 K’rias Shema and K’eil Melech Ne’eman
685 Art Museums
729 Making Tzitzis
773 Kavanah When Wearing Tzitzis
817 Davening for a Rasha to Change – Does It Work?
861 Do We Knead Challah in America
905 The Tallis Over Your Head
949 The Shul’s Tallis?Bracha or No Bracha?
992 Your Talis Katan: Is it Big Enough?
cc1036 Our Davening Tallis – Should It Be Beautiful? Is It Really Chayav in Tzitzis?
cc1080 Doing An Aveira for the Best Reasons?
cc1123 Taking Off Your Talis – Must You Make New Bracha? Available May 1, 2013

017 Visiting the Sick
062 May the State of Israel Extradite a Jewish Criminal?
106 The Temple Mount Today-Obligations & Restrictions
151 The Mitzvah of Pidyon Haben: Some Fascinating Facts
198 The Ethiopian Jewry Question
244 Tachanun
288 “Masiach L’fi Tumoh”: The Coca Cola Question
334 Leaving a Chasunah Before Benching
378 Truth Telling to Patients
422 Bais Din’s Power to Subpoena
466 Tachanun: To Say Or Not To Say
510 Pidyon Habein and Vending Machines
554 The Kohain and the First Aliyah
598 Siamese Twins
642 Different Minhagim for Saying Kedusha
686 Ma’alin B’Kodesh V’ain Moridin
730 Divergent Minhagim in One Shul
774 Tachanun: Most Fascinating Insights
818 Bikur Cholim on Shabbos
862 Preventative Medicine To Avoid Chilul Shabbos
906 Tachanun Without a Sefer Torah?
950 Pidyon Habein: Not Your Regular Cases
993 Pidyon Habein Without A Bris Milah?
cc1037 Should A Chosson Come To Shul During Sheva Brachos?
cc1081 Ha’arama: Halachic Loopholes – Advisable or Not?
cc1124 Segulos for Refuos Available May 1, 2013

018 Rending Garments on Seeing Yerushalayim
063 Intermarriage
107 Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva: Do Sons Inherit?
152 Halachic Considerations of Transplanted Organs
199 Stam Yeinom: Non-Kosher Wines
245 Skin Grafts
289 Use of Unethical Medical Research
335 Postponing a Funeral
379 The Jewish “Shabbos Goy”
423 Tefilah of a Tzadik for a Choleh
467 Detached Limbs and Tumah
511 Autopsies and Insurance
555 Women Fasting on 17th Tamuz, Tisha B’av & Yom Kippur
599 Blended Whiskey
643 Choshed Bekesherim and Daan L’kaf Z’chus
687 Water, Coffee and Tea
731 Shkia – 7:02: Mincha 7:00 A Problem?
775 Wine At a Shul Kiddush
819 Mayim Geluyim – Uncovered Water – Is There a Problem
863 Shabbos In The Good ‘Ol Summertime
907 Bracha Acharono on Coffee and Ice Cream
951 The Body Works Exhibit
994 Bilam and His Donkey: A Problem with Tzar Ba’alei Chaim?
cc1038 Flowers At The Cemetary?
cc1082 Should You Buy An Expensive Esrog Box?
cc1125 Saying Kaddish For More Than One Person: Lo’aig Le’rash for Women? Available May 1, 2013

153 Matrilineal vs. Patrilineal Descent In Determining Jewish Identity
200 Reading Someone’s Mail and Other Privacy Issues
290 Pas Akum
380 Bishul Akum I
424 Tirocha D’zibura
468 Birchas Hamapil
512 Pinchas and Eliyahu Hanavi
556 Bishul Akum II
600 Ayin Hora
644 Balak — Makom Kevuah Revisited
687 Water, Coffee and Tea
731 Shkia – 7:02: Mincha 7:00 A Problem?
775 Wine At a Shul Kiddush
820 K’rias Shemah Without Teffilin
864 Davening: How Specific Must You Be?
908 K’rias HaTorah and Tircha D’tziburah
952 Beer: Is This Bud For You?
994 Bilam and His Donkey: A Problem with Tzar Ba’alei Chaim?
cc1039 The Maid Who Made The Cholent
cc1083 K’rias Shema Shea’al HaMitah: Why?
cc1126 Must You Read K’rias Shema Available May 1, 2013

064 The Yarmulka: At Home and In the Office
154 Writing a Halachically Sanctioned Will
201 Fasting on Tisha B’Av: Is It For Everyone?
246 Hilchos Brachos: Ikar VeTofel
291 The Do’s and Don’ts of Kashering Keilim
336 Tisha B’Av on Motzoei Shabbos
381 Making A Zecher Le’churban
425 Minhagim of the Three Weeks
469 Tu B’Av
513 Leining on Fast Days and Other Ta’aneisim Issues
557 Disinheriting
645 Women and Bentching
688 A Manicure on Shabbos?
732 Does A Mezuza Need a Door?
776 Yayin Mevushal – Does It Exist?
821 Cholent on Sunday of the Nine Days
865 Neckties,Shoelaces and Tichels: A Knotty Problem
909 Shabbos Shacharis – Hashkama Vs Later
953 Tevilas Keilim: My Hosts Haven’t Toiveled Their Dishes
995 The Mitzva of Shiluach Ha’Kain – Do We Make A Bracha?
cc1040 Learning on Tisha B’av? Saying Tehilim on Tisha B’Av?
cc1084 The Kohain Who Killed Someone by Accident: Can He Still “Duchan”?
cc1127 Tei’ku What Will Eliyahu Answer Available May 1, 2013

108 Toiveling Dishes
601 Maa’ris Ayin Revisited
689 Leaving Eretz Yisroel
733 Ma’aris Ayin II
777 But I Didn’t Say B’li Neder!
996 Tevilas Keilim: The Sticker That Wasn’t Removed and Other Tevila Issues

Sefer D’varim
248 Tzedakah and the Twenty Percent Cap

019 Copying Cassette Tapes
109 Hasogas G’vul: Infringing on Another’s Livelihood
155 Ba’al Tashchis: Cutting Down That Troublesome Tree
202 Melech v’lo Malkah: A Jewish Queen?
249 May a Daughter Say Kaddish?
292 Polygraph in Halacha
338 Relying On a Goral
382 Circumstantial Evidence
426 The Mitzvah of Escorting Guests
470 May a Convict Escape?
514 Can A Ger Be a Rosh Ha Yeshiva
558 Competition Among Teachers
602 Saying Kaddish for 12 Months
646 Cutting Branches of Fruit Trees
690 The Grandson and Kaddish
734 Making a Bracha on a New House
778 “I’m Bar Mitzvah” – Do We Believe Him?
822 Making a Chanukas Habyis for a New Home
866 Saying Yizkor During the First Year
910 Business Competition Asur or Mutar
954 Visiting The Sphinx in Egypt?Is It Permitted?
997 Finding Out The Future: Mutar or Asur?
cc1041 Finding Out If “It” is a Boy or Girl? A Good Idea?
cc1085 Killing Innocent Civilians During Times of War
cc1128 Getting Undeserved Kavod – How Honest Must You Be? Available August 1, 2013

Ki Sitzei
020 Non-Halachic Marriage Ceremonies
065 Polygamy and the Cherem of Rabeinu Gershom
110 Mamzeirus: Possible Solutions?
156 Reconciling Divergent Customs Between Husband and Wife
203 The Pre-War “Get”
250 The Mitzvah of Ma’akeh
293 “Get Me’useh”: The Problem of the “Forced Get”
339 Shana Reshona-The First Year of Marriage
383 The Mitzvah of Burial
427 Trying on Suits that May Have Shatnes
471 Autopsies on Non-Jews
515 Women Wearing Men’s Clothing
559 The Double Portion of the Be’chor
603 Burying a Rasha Next to a Tzadik
647 Ramps and Stages – Do They Need a Maakeh?
691 Chasunah Minhagim
735 Brachos in a Bathroom?
779 Shehecheyanu at a Chasuna
823 Tzar Ba’al Hachayim – Does It Apply to People?
867 Dying Hair For Men – Asur or Mutar?
911 Returning a Lost Pacifier
955 The Un-Cancelled Stamp?Can You Re-use it?
998 Making A Bracha for Building A Ma’akeh?
cc1042 Dressing Up As A Woman for Chasunah Dancing and on Purim?
cc1086 A Bracha for Shiluach Hakein?
cc1129 KThe Ani Who Picked Up Your $20 Bill Available August 1, 2013

Ki Savo
021 The “Ins and Outs” of Mezzuzah
066 Learning Hebrew: Mitzvah or Not?
111 Allocating Your Tzedaka Dollar
157 The Prohibition Against Erasing G-d’s Name
204 Giving a Sefer Torah to a Non-Jew
251 Shidduchim and Parental Wishes
294 Geirim and Davening: Some Unique Problems
340 The Pushka in Halacha
384 The Prohibition of Chodosh
428 Mentioning G-D’s Name in Vain
472 Teffilin Shel Rosh
516 Hagbeh
560 Selichos
604 Reading the Tochacha
648 The Onain and Kaddish
692 The Staggering Cost of Lashon Ho’rah
736 Your Aliya: Must You Read Along?
780 Can You Sue Your Father?
824 Hitting An Older Child
868 Loshon Horah Vs Lying – Which Is Worse?
912 Shaimos What I Do With All Those Papers?
956 The Phony Tzedakah Collector
999 Can Your Mother Serve You Dinner?
cc1043 Checking Mezzuzos: What Do You Do While They Are Down?
cc1087 Saying A Borei P’ri Ha’adama on Fruit
cc1130 The Silent Sh’monei Esrai – Must It Be Silent? Available August 1, 201

022 Reading Haftorah: Scrolls vs. Book
112 Shoteh: Mental Incompetence in Halacha
158 S’char Shabbos: How Do We Pay Rabbonim and Chazzanim?
205 Kiddush Before T’kiyas Shofar
252 Buying Seforim
295 Burying the Dead on Yom Tov Sheni
341 The Brachos on the T’kious
342 Is Building a Succah a Mitzvah?
385 Fasting on Rosh Hashana
386 Succah Gezulah
429 Treatment of An Invalid Sefer Torah
473 Seudas Siyum Mesechta
517 What Exactly Is Mitzva of Shofer
561 Lo Bashomayim He
605 Selling a Sefer Torah
606 Succos — Danish and Coffee in the Succah?
649 Minhagim of the Yomim Noraim: Sleeping on Rosh Hashana; Asking Forgiveness and More
693 My Father’s Chumros
737 Borrowing and Lending Seforim
781 I’m the Baal Tokeah and Not You!
825 The Shuls of Gaza – A Halachic Perspective
826 Yom Kippur: Women and the Shehecheyanu; Women and Kor’im
869 The Mitzvah of Chinuch – Whose Responsibility? Mother or Father?
870 Yom Kippur – The Yom Kippur That They Did Not Fast
913 The Tefilah of Oleinu
957 Coming Late for Tekias Shofar and Other Rosh Hashana Issues
cc1000 Ta’amei Hamikra – The Tropp – How Important Is It?
cc1044 Must You Stand for Chazoras HaShatz on Rosh Hashana?
cc1088 Learning During T’kias Shofer?
cc1131 Asking For Personal Needs on Rosh Hashana? Inspirational Message for Rosh Hashana Available August 1, 2013

957A Yom Kippur?Some Fascinating Halachos
cc1001 Rosh Hashana Interesting Insights into Selichos and Rosh Hashana

067 The Mitzvah of Writing a Sefer Torah
296 Does Eating Mezonos Require a Succah?
518 Esrog Hamurkov
694 Personal Tefilos on Rosh Hashana

V’Zos Habracha
206 The Chol Hamoed Trip & Other Succos Issues
650 Tzom Gedaliah and Believing Lashon Harah

914 U’Teshuva U’Tefillah
958 Yom Kippur?Getting Our Priorities Straight
cc1002 The Key To A Lasting Teshuva
cc1044A Making a Downpayment on Our Teshuva
cc1045 Reaching Up By Reaching Out
cc1089 Conflict Resolution: Within Our Community and Within Ourselves
cc1132 Rekindling The Spirit Available August 1, 2013

Special Interest
cc1089A Narcissism: Nowadays, Its All About Me
cc1132a The Story of the Shofar That Would Not Blow Available August 1, 2013

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