Hashkafa and Jewish Thought Series


Enhancing Marital Relationships, Raising Children, Dealing With Tragedy, and Controlling Anger are but some of the topics Rabbi Frand discusses in these marvelous lectures of Torah thought. You’ll hear a Torah view of these important issues and learn how to deal with them.

Family Series

001 Shalom Bayis — Enhancing the Marital Relationship
002 Chinuch Habonim — Raising Children-A Torah Perspective
057 Kibud Av V’Eim — A Mitzvah for All Ages
100 The Orthodox Jewish Woman in the Workplace — If, When, How?
208 A Changing America — Its Impact on the Jewish Family
239 The Concept of Tznius in Dress and Deed
329 Humility vs. Self-Esteem — Is There a Conflict?
373 Envy — The Enemy Within
417 Family of Jews — Are We Really There For Each Other?
461 The Ben Torah in the Professional World: A Delicate Balancing Act
505 Surviving and Thriving In A Cynical World
637 Playing with Fire – The Destructive Power of Machlokes
783A – Ono’as Devorim – Words That Hurt, Words That Heal

Special Interest Series

023 Kaddish In Halacha and Hashkafa
024 Tzadik V’ra Lo – A Torah Response to “When Bad Things Happen to Good People”
056 Returning the Captured Territories — A Halachic Perspective
099 The Agunah and Other Women’s Issues — Can Halacha Be More Responsive?
146 Affluence — The Blessing and the Challenge
163 Reflections On the Gulf War
193 The Golden Galus — Are We Really Waiting For Moshiach?
209 Loshon Hora — Dealing with the Sickness Rather Than the Symptoms
247 Tisha B’Av Thoughts
283 What? Me Get Angry? Never!
299 Quality of Life Vs. Sanctity of Life
337 Rebuilding the Bais Hamikdash — What Can We Do?
474 A Plea for Shabbos
549 Hark, I Hear the Cannon Roar — Giving the Benefit of the Doubt
593 Every Jew’s Job
651A – Tefillah – Our Answer to 9/11
651B September 11th – Have We Changed
681 Zikui Harabim – All It Takes Is You!
681A Sharing the Burden, Easing the Pain
695A – Everyone Has An Agenda
725 Ahavas Chesed: Opening Our Hearts to Kindness With Love
739A Raising our Children (and Ourselves) To Be Mentschen
769 Shidduchim: A Challenge for Our Time
777A: It’s Never Too Little, It’s Never Too Late, It’s Never Enough
813 Hakoras Hatov – The Art of Appreciaton
827A “…and the Pursuit of Happiness”
857 Marriage – From Caterpillar to Butterfly
871A – Ahavas Yisroel – Do You Really Love Your Neighbor?
901 When Winning Isn’t Everything
915 Midas Ha’tznius – Not Just For Women
940 Thoughts on the Haggadah
958A – The Economic Crisis – How Do We Respond?
1002A – Kiddush Hashem – The Mission Statement of K’lal Yisroel
cc1025 Bringing Out the Best in Our Children and in Ourselves
cc1045A Jewish Continuity is Everyone’s Responsibility
cc1071 Thoughts on the Hagaddah Vol 3
cc1089A Narcissism: Nowadays, Its All About Me
cc1132A You Are Not Alone


Teshuvah Series

025 Preparation for Yom Kippur
080 Introspection and the Teshuvah Process
116 The Era of Teshuvah
162 The Secret of Resilience
207 Seize the Moment
253 Four Questions for Yom Kippur
297 Teshuvah and Midas Ha’emes
343 Life — How Precious It Is
387 A Matter of Faith and Forgiveness
431 It’s All About Change
475 Selflessness — The Key to Teshuva
519 Just One Deed
563 Your Lasting Legacy
607 Teshuva and the Capacity to Forego
651 Its A Matter of the Heart
695 We Dare Not Despair
739 The Neshama- Your Most Precious Asset
783 Midas HaGevurah: The Hidden Strength We All Posses
827 Teshuva: It’s Not My Fault
871 Sefer Yona – Painting Your Masterpiece
914 U’Teshuva U’Tefillah
958 Teshuva Yom Kippur?Getting Our Priorities Straight
1002 Teshuva Shabbos – The Key To A Lasting Teshuva
cc1045 Reaching Up By Reaching Out
cc1089 Conflict Resolution: Within Our Community and Within Ourselves
cc1132 Rekindling The Spirit

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