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CDsbcc1294 – Bamidbar – When Should Women Light Candles for Shavuos?

cc1295 – Nasso – Davening/Bentching/Making Kiddush in Front of a Woman Who Is Not Properly Dressed

 cc1296 – Beha’alsocha – Should You Daven for the Same Choleh Over and Over Again?
cc1297 – Sh’lach – Uh-Oh! Someone Took My Tallis by Accident and Left His; Can I use His Tallis?
cc1298 – Korach – The Shul That Did Not Say Tachanun By Mistake; Now What? and Other Tachanun Issues
 cc1299 – Chukas – Can You Remove Your Yarmulka for a Job Interview?

cc1300 – Balak – Having Coffee in Starbucks: Is It Mutar?

 cc1301 – Pinchas – A Tisha B’av Message – The Golden Rule – Don’t Do Unto Others What You Don’t Want Done Unto You

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